eko Fall Fiction Slate Premiere


G attended the eko Fall Fiction Slate Premiere on November 19th. Check out the photos below:



eko Fall Fiction Slate Premiere





G’s New Show Timeline Is OUT NOW! – You can watch it here: Timeline Show – I posted some screencaps from the show ..check out the photos below:



Timeline Screencaps



Farmer’s Market


G was at the farmers market back on July 7th. I’m sorry for the late post. I’ve been super busy..check out the photos below:



Farmers Market



Hey Guys

G has worked on two projects this summer. One i’m not sure what it is for and another is called Timeline..I believe. I don’t know much about it and once I do..I’ll post a section up for it in the gallery and let you guys know more about it here. I would post the photos up on the gallery but…i’m not sure if it’s a movie, a show or a short film etc..

Happy 19th Bday G!!

Today is G Hannelius’s 19th Birthday! I honestly can’t believe she’s already 19. Boy times by fast!! <3 - I hope you have an amazing birthday, G! xoxo

Ugh..Finally!! – New Updates!!

It took me awhile to be able to get back into this but I finally got it xD
I uploaded some photos of G from a Photoshoot she did and her attending the premiere for American Vandal. Check em out below:



American Vandal Premiere


AHHHH!! G is in College!

I can’t believe she’s already in college..boy time flies by quickly! She started college on the 26th of this month.

American Vandal (Netflix)

G is in a new Netflix series called American Vandal. Here is the link to the trailer. I won’t be posting the video up cause it’s umm..not really kid related lol – The series will be out on September 15th

American Vandal Trailer