AWBW’S 25th Anniversary

G will be hosting the event which will be on May 7th. Check out the video for more info etc (:

I’m sorry for not updating..

I’ve been pretty busy with moving and all. I have uploaded a few shots of G to the gallery and i’m finally adding the photo to the photo of the month that was done in the contest I had done on twitter. Since last month I couldn’t put it up, this month will be the first winner and the second will have it done next month <3

A Little Gallery Update

I haven’t had a chance to post here about the gallery but I just wanted to let everyone know that the problem had been solved thanks to the hosting site and the gallery is finally up and running again..YAY!! (: I’m very happy that is cause I was so scared of losing everything but I lost a few new pictures I uploaded but that’s okay. I’m sure I can find them again. lol

HAPPY Birthday G!!

Today is G’s birthday! Boy, I can’t believe she’s 17 years old! I hope you have an amazing day cause you deserve it. <3 12

New TV Project

G announced that she will be part of the A+E’s eight-hour event miniseries called Roots. More info below:


Icecream Meet Up With G

If you live in get a chance to meet G & eat yummy ice-cream at the same time. Those that can go..HAVE FUN!!! <3 // More info below & on G's twitter page. (link on page) gbyggg

G By G x Style Club Launch Party

Yesterday G & a few of her friends did a slumber launch party for G’s line with Style Club. I’ve uploaded some pics from it and caps from the live stream to the gallery.

G By G- Sleepover Launch Party


G By G- Sleepover Launch Party (Screencaps)