G will be on a show that will be on Netflix. She said it in a interview but she can’t say much about it yet 😛 I can’t wait to see what it is and all 🙂


OMG! THE GALLERY HIT ONE MILLION VIEWS! #screamsexcitedly lol – I want to thank you guys for visiting and everything. I try my best to upload to it when I can but G hasn’t really done anything lately..lol – Again thank you for the love and support <3 xoxo


Today is G’s birthday!! <3 - She's 18 now...wow! If felt like yesterday that she was just a little thing and now she's a young lady. I doubt she'll read this but I hope you have an amazing day and don't eat to much cake (:

Hey Guys

Just wanted to say that i’m still here and alive. I haven’t really been updating the sites I own cause i’ve been dealing with some stuff in rl but I was able to upload some photos of G recently from her insta page to the gallery and if anything new comes up..I will let everyone know (:

Carousel Of Hope Ball

G attended the Carousel Of Hope Ball on Saturday. Check out the photos below:

Carousel Of Hope Ball


Creative Arts Emmy Awards (September 10th)

G attended the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on Saturday. Dog With A Blog was nominated for another Emmy but sadly this was their last time being nominated. G reunited with some of the cast. Check out the photos below:

Creative Arts Emmy Awards