Busy, Busy

Sorry for M.I.A I’ve just been super busy with things and all. I will update once G has some new stuff out besides instagram photos. 😛

Pod People from Pasedena Stills

I’ve uploaded some stills from an episode that will air on the July 25th. Check them out!!

Pod People from Pasedena Stills

Added tons of photos to the gallery

I’ve found tons of photos of G that are pretty HQ. I don’t believe in tagging my photos cause what’s the point? Yeah, People use them but that is the point! You want the fans to use them for edits etc. (: Check the gallery out!!

Jessie Stills

1.18 “A New Baby?” Stills


Photos: Gallery

New Owners

Hey, It’s Rachel! I just wanted to say that me and a friend of mine adopted this site cause we’re both fans of G’s and I saw it just sitting on the list of being adopted and I felt the need to do so. G’s talented and a pretty awesome girl so she deserves all the fan-sites she could get. (: Take a look around and I hope you enjoy our site!